This book is designed to help students practice the computational skills that are necessary to access and master sixth grade Common Core math standards and can also be used to activate pre-requisite skills for seventh and eighth grade. Here are the steps to using this book:


1. Each game is precluded by instructional considerations that highlight the skills and understandings that the game is designed to build.  They also provide ideas about how to structure post game discussions, questions that can be asked of students to gather formative assessment data, and game extensions.

2. The black line masters include a Pre-game Strategy page where students generate an example problem they can use to guide them through the game. This page can serve as a scaffold until students are more familiar with the math procedures associated with each game.

3. The point system for each game provides the opportunity for students to build quantitative reasoning through quantitative comparison. Some of the games have an embedded strategy that students should uncover as their quantitative reasoning skills develop.

4. The black line masters also include an After the Game Reflection where students identify math vocabulary they used during the game,  justify the quantitative comparisons used when assigning points, and where teachers can quickly assess student progress in skill mastery.

5. Each game also has a skill based rubric for each game that teachers can use to provide specific feedback to students on their skill progress.